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Our teams in Yuxiang magnetic materials, Ltd. always tries our best to provide different Holding Magnets, such as Square, Disc and Ring Holding Magnets, Hard Ferrite (Ceramic), Alnico, NdFeB and SmCo assemblies are specified for many applications to all industries and enigneering.

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Yuxiang's Magnetic Materials was established in 1991 to manufacture magnetic assemblies, the needs for multi-products that were capable of achieving necessary characteristics in a variety of assemblies. Our experience with these techniques and capabilities earned us a reputation, the assemblies we produced are preferred by many companies in telecommunications, instruments, sensors...


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Xiamen, as the name of a beautiful Oriental Hawaii, has a very pleasant cooperation. It is recommended by a friend company of mine to cheer for made in China. —— Mr. Cai
Before I changed many manufacturers, I finally chose Yuxiang company, not for the other reason that quality and price have great advantages, of course, there are services. —— Tyler Turk
We have been working with Yuxiang for almost 10 years, and the product price and quality are the most recognized. At the same time, we have also gone to China to know them. The technology research company is a good partner. —— Lexie Stegura

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